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In Northern Ireland - County Londonderry my great great great grandfather Lowry Brizell with his wife Martha owned a farm of 10 acres in Gortacloghan and another of 40 acres in Magheramore in the 1870's

His son Robert Brizell ( my great great grandfather), born in Ireland, married Sarah Ann Jones and moved to Liverpool, England.

He started a carter business in Liverpool

They had nine children, Robert Jr 1877-1931, Thomas 1879-1957, John 1882- 1930 , (my great grandfather, died in Chile in 1930 ) Joseph 1884-1941 ( died in a bombing raid on Liverpool ) , Archibald 1888-1933 , Alice 1890-1962 , Lucy 1892-1972, James 1895- 1895 , Frederick 1897- d unknown.

The obituary of my great great  grandfather Robert Brizell 
His oldest son Robert Brizell Jr. 1877-1931

My great grandfather John Brizell was born in Liverpool 1880- died in Chile 1930

His daughter Alice Brizell Jones 1890-1962

His son Archibald Brizell Jones 1888-1933

His daughter Lucy Brizell Jones 1892-1972

His son Frederick Brizell Jones 1897- ?

His son John Brizell Jones, ( my great grandfather, was born in Liverpool 1880- 1930

We think this is is brother Joseph

Some of the Brizell brothers

Alice Brooks, daughter of Alice Dumbell ( Brizell )

This is Robert Jr's son Robert 

Mi bisabuelo John Brizell  Jones, zarpó desde Liverpool a Valparaíso en el barco "Oronso" el 28 de Marzo 1907
y empezó su vida con mi bisabuela Emily Magalhaes...quien nacio en la ciudad nortina de
Chañaral, en 1885Se casaron y viajaron al puerto de 
Valparaíso , Chile Fueron muy felices y allí en el Barrio Inglés... en 1912 nació mi abuelo....Archibald

Mi bisabuelo 
 John Brizell Jones, murió en 1930 en Santiago, ChileMi bisabuela Emily Magalhaes Ford murió en 1951 en Santiago, Chile
Mi abuelo Archibald Brizell Magalhaes murió en 1933 en Santiago, Chile

My great grandfather John Brizell Jones, sailed from Liverpool in the ship "Oronso "to Chile,  March 28, 1907  where he met my great grandmother Emily Magalhaes Ford in a town in the north of Chile called Chañaral, where she was born in 1885- 

They got married and moved to the port city of Valparaíso , Chile where they were very happy, and my grandfather Archibald was born in the English Neighborhood in 1912

My great grandfather John Brizell Jones died in Santiago, Chile in 1930
My great grandmother Emily Magalhaes Ford died in Santiago, Chile in 1951

My grandfather Archibald Brizell Magalhaes died in Santiago, Chile  in 1933

Archibald Brizell Magalhaes 1912-1933

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  1. I seem to be related to you. Archibald Brizell's son William Brizell was my Greatgrandfaher. I have never seen any of these photographs before.
    Paul Cave, Stockport, England.